It may not seem like much, but sometimes the men in the church need to get together for supper and a good chat. When the ladies have Woman’s Ministries, and do all sorts of mysterious girl stuff, the guys usually plan to meet at a local restaurant for supper. While Women’s Ministries might be quite structured, the men’s night out, not so much. It’s just a chance to catch up, share some war stories, new and old, and just brag a little about some things. We pride ourselves that what we brag about is always the truth, no lies here, but there is a little exaggeration for effect, and to generate some laughter. Occasionally, we’ll engage a conversation about something important, though usually not political, and we’ll compliment some of the recent events and advancements in the church. It’s a lively group, our conversation is jovial – not too serious – and helps us develop a sense of connection.

The numbers have dwindled lately, and that’s a shame. We could use a few the younger men catching the vision for a low key and slow paced evening out for supper. We always have a pretty good time, even if the food is not always as good as we would have liked. I sometimes think that there are probably some men in the church, that if they had been with us, or had made the effort to join us, would be glad they had come. I think that it would be nice to hear from them, a story, an account of the day, some insightful observations on life, all of that. I most enjoy hearing about the experiences the other men have had. There are whole lifetimes in that group. Sometimes I get to hear about the US Navy, sometimes about running an electrical contracting business, and sometimes about raising children or grandchildren. At other times I hear stories about how things used to be “back in the day,” but not in a history book sort of away… rather in a live and warm sense, as if I were there, hearing snippets of real life conversation, or seeing important historical events through the eyes of ordinary men who were present or alive at the moment they happened.

“Men’s Ministry” is too grand a title for what we do when the ladies meet, on the first Tuesday of each month, but it is an important part of our monthly fellowship with one another. While the women and doing much more constructive things with their time… we’re just chewing the fat, and building relationships.

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Paul and Loala pastor the Wilmington First Pentecostal Holiness Church, where they have served for almost 20 year. They have two children who work and serve in the church worship department, along with their son-in-law. Paul is a graduate of Holmes Bible College (Greenville, SC), with a BA in English Bible and New Testament Greek, and of Global University (Springfield, MO) with an MA in Biblical Studies (New Testament Concentration).

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